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Designing Environments for Growth & Inspiration 

DEGI Consulting 

At DEGI, we design bespoke playful learning environments that honor and inspire each educator and child's individuality through nurturing intentional learning experiences. We are passionate about children and educators and believe each child and educator is competent, curious, and filled with wonder. We pledge to work with integrity & vision as we foster growth & joy in the journey of learning.

At DEGI, we advocate for what is best for children, educators, and of course business owners. We’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

DEGI creates Environments that evoke Emotional Connections for enticing experiences for children and educators.


Christine Burkholder 

Christine Burkholder is a lead consultant with an eye for what makes a business succeed. 

Christine Burkholder began her journey in the Early childhood field with a degree from Kent State University.  She has been a Teacher, Director, District Manager, and Entrepreneur in the Early Childhood setting. Christine is a trainer, and guest lecturer who has taught at the University level and she has coauthored several articles and soon-to-be published a book on environments.  Recently she sold her business of 29 years where she was the founder and CEO of Kids Country Day Schools in Ohio, a group of  Reggio Inspired Schools with six locations and over 1100 students. Currently, she is the CEO of DEGI; Designing Environments for Growth and Inspiration for Early Childhood settings.

Christine believes that offering the joy of learning in everyday moments to children through creating magical environments is the greatest way to honor children. 



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Exclusive one-on-one bespoke coaching for you and your school's individual needs. 

Inquire to learn more for this bespoke opportunity for school leaders. 

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Environment Transformation

Need some transformative change? Christine has you covered. Invite Christine to visit your school and spend time designing your environment. 

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Christine is an expert in the field of early childhood. Christine can inspire your school's stakeholders and create a professional development experience that leads to active change. 

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Get in Touch

Christine Burkholder

PO Box 1477 Hartville, OH 44632


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